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How Redcon1 Products Keep Me Going

Normally, I am not the type to put another businesses product out there. I don't like being spammy or anything like that. With that being said........ if I say something about a product then that means I have used it for quite some time, and for me it works! I honestly have had more energy out on the road than I have had in a while.

Before I started using some of the Redcon1 products (which is a veteran owned company by the way), I couldn't get out of bed half the time without dragging. When it came to being on the road it was hard to stay energized and alert. So about a month ago my drummer Steve recommended I give their stuff a try.

After a week of using the GI Juice I could tell a huge difference! I was sleeping, eating, and digesting a lot better. When got up I was up and ready to go. The trips have gotten easier with the amount of energy I have gained. I have also managed to improve my personal digestion and breakdown which honestly has made things much easier on my body.

With that I also use their animal based protein powder MRE Lite. Literally the best protein shake I have ever tasted. I normally combine that with the GI Juice for breakfast, and that keeps me full till lunch time. You can't beat the banana nut bread! Its also light on calories which is helpful. Since most rooms I play are party scenes, that helps me adjust for calories in the few beers I drink while playing.

With all that being said, y'all take a minute to check out their website via this link here and use my personal code T20CL at checkout to get a 20% discount!

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